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Our Car Services

  • Required every 12 months as a mandatory health check

    1 hr

    29.99 British pounds
  • Required every 5,000 or 6 months

    2 hr

    99.99 British pounds
  • Required every 12 month or 10,000 mileage

    2 hr

    149.99 British pounds
  • Checking the health of the vehicle

    2 hr

    39.99 British pounds
  • At LabMechanix, we take pride in our commitment to excellence, reflected in our robust warranty policy and our dedication to using quality parts. With LabMechanix, your satisfaction is guaranteed, backed by a comprehensive 12-month warranty covering both parts and labor. We understand the importance of reliability and peace of mind when it comes to car maintenance and repairs, which is why we stand firmly behind the work we do.


  • When it comes to parts, we prioritize quality and durability. We utilize Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) parts whenever possible, ensuring compatibility and performance that meet or exceed industry standards. In instances where OEM parts are not available, we meticulously select the next best alternative, maintaining the integrity of your vehicle while offering cost-effective solutions.


  • Our skilled technicians undergo rigorous training and adhere to industry best practices to deliver exceptional service with every repair. Whether it is a routine maintenance, diagnostics, or complex repairs, you can trust LabMechanix to provide reliable solutions and lasting results.

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